Jean Franko & Lukas Daken

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Lukas Daken plays a DJ in today’s release from Men At Play, which is funny cause his scene partner – Jean Franko – also works as a DJ in real life. The scene is called “121 BPM“. DJ Lukas Daken preps for his upcoming gig while club manager Jean Franko quietly watches him spin from behind the bar, imagining all the things he would like to do to his new sexy DJ once he finished up.

Jean abruptly cuts the set short to have a word with Lukas regarding the club’s proper dress code and uses the opportunity to bring him in the back so that he could get him to try on a new suit that he has hand-picked. He asks Lukas to try on the suit right then and there. Jean sits back to observe him while he slips out of his clothes and into something a little more club appropriate.

Jean does not shy away from enjoying his front-row seat of Lukas’ tight smooth naked body. Noticing the ever-growing bulge in Jean’s pinstripe, Lukas asks Jean if he likes what he sees clearly already knowing the answer. What follows is an intense pounding that ends with both men in need of a new suit.



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